Thursday, January 27, 2011

Problems of a legal migrant worker

Thursday, 27 January 2011 18:49 Mizzima News

Dear Editor,

I’m a Burmese migrant worker in Thailand.

I have a legal migrant ID card issued by Thai authorities. As a low-paid worker, my average salary is about 4,500 baht (about US$ 146) a month.

In previous years, Thai authorities announced that we need to verify our nationality and apply for temporary passports. So, I lodged an application to obtain a passport with the help of a legal Thai broker company. I had to pay 5,800 baht. (about US$ 188).

Moreover, I had to pay 1,900 baht (about US$ 62) for a medical check-up and for health insurance each year. Then I had to apply for a work permit. I need to pay 3,800 baht (about US$ 124) every two years.

Then, the company gave me receipts and a letter that said to go to the immigration office after 90 days. But, we did not get the work permit card. They told us to go to the labour office with the receipt to get the work permit card.

We need to report every 90 days to the immigration office. When we went to the labour office to get our work permit card, we did not get it and the office made another appointment. Similarly, at the second appointment, the labour office made another appointment again. I don’t know what they will do.

We are workers. We have to go to work every weekday and some weekends. But we cannot go to work on the days we need to go to the labour office because the employers will cut our salaries for the unpaid leave.

This letter is intended to let the people know about the lives and problems of migrant workers.

A Migrant Worker

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