Monday, January 24, 2011

NLD donates rice and material to Chin State

Monday, 24 January 2011 20:26 Phanida

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – The NLD has donated rice and water pipes worth about 30 million kyat (US$ 35,700) to two townships in Chin State which have suffered famine due to mice infestation and water shortages, the party said.

Kanpetlet in southern Chin State and Htantalan in northern Chin State have faced a wave of food shortages since 2008 when mice began destroying crops.

‘We are donating rice worth about 25 million kyat (US$ 29,700) and 6 million kyat (US$ 7,142) for potable water projects for our ethnic brothers’, party spokesman Ohn Kyaing told Mizzima. ‘We are also encouraged to see individuals getting involved in charity work’.

The NLD central committee decided to make the donation after Chin State NLD party chairman Pu Valian met with Aung San Suu Kyi on January 10 and discussed the problems in the region.

The rice was procured in Chauk in Magwe Division and transported to Kanpetlet Township, where it will be distributed to about 10,000 villagers in the township at the rate of 3 pyi (about 2 kg per pyi) each. The NLD will donate 1,250 rice bags to the township (about 50 kg per bag) worth 21 million kyat (US$ 25,000).

A NLD delegation of members, members of political parties, politicians and others are on their way to Chin State to help oversee the distribution and water project.

In related activities, an NLD technical team is in Yaymawe Ward in Falam Township, where there is also a severe water shortage, to do a feasibility study. That water project is expected to cost the NLD about 6 million kyat (US$ 7,140).

The military regime announced on September 14, 2010, that it was dissolving 10 political parties including the NLD, for their failure to re-register as political parties.

Lawyers for the NLD on Monday presented their case in a second appeal hearing before the Supreme Court in Naypyidaw, challenging the government‘s right to disband the party. Their second appeal case was accepted on January 13.

NLD lawyer Kyi Win presented the NLD arguments before a three-judge panel including Chief Justice Aung Toe.

Aung San Suu Kyi contributed to the first appeal on November 22, 2010, in an affidavit on the legal status of the NLD. The Supreme Court in Naypyidaw dismissed that appeal.

NLD lawyers Nyan Win and Kyaw Hoe are also working on the appeal.

Nyan Win told Mizzima that he believed the court will allow the case to be heard.

‘I hope the case will be admitted’, he said. ‘They cannot dissolve a political party according to the existing law’.

The court usually issues decision on such appeals within one week.

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