Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No arrest warrant issued for Bauk Ja, says lawyer

Wednesday, 26 January 2011 22:13 Phanida

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – No arrest warrant has been issued for Bauk Ja, an outspoken critic of the Burmese junta, her lawyer said on Wednesday.

Lawyer Myint Thwin appeared before the election tribunal to represent Bauk Ja, a National Democratic Front (NDF) candidate, who has filed a complaint against the winning candidate, Ohn Myint of the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), in the Phakant Township constituency in Kachin State, alleging that he violated electoral practices.

‘If the arrest warrant had been issued against her, she would have been arrested before she appeared at the tribunal’, her lawyer said.

Both Bauk Ja and Ohn Myint, a retired general, appeared before the court.

Police in the Special Branch, which handles political cases, came to Bauk Ja’s residence in Aungya village in Phakant Township two weeks ago and asked her whereabouts, her lawyer said. She was in Mandalay at the time.

A rumour spread that Northern Command Commander Brigadier General Zeyar Aung had issued an arrest warrant against her on January 17.

Bauk Ja is assisting 24 farmers from Phakant Township in their suit for damages against the Yuzana Company, which is owned by a junta business associate, Htay Myint. The company claimed that Htay Myint is not responsible in the case, which it said was handled by an employee.

The farmers named Htay Myint as the chief defendant in the lawsuit and the Kachin State civil court will hear arguments from both sides on February 1 to determine whether Htay Myint should be excluded from the case, lawyer Myint Thwin said.

In other election news, another lawsuit was heard on Wednesday in Naypyidaw by the election commission tribunal involving the USDP candidate Tetkatho ‘University’ Myat Thu, who filed a lawsuit against the winning candidate, Dr. Myat Nyarna Soe of the NDF party, alleging vote rigging and electoral fraud.

The commission said it will hear the case on February 10.

Meanwhile, many elected members of Parliament from various political parties across the country have begun arriving in Naypyidaw to attend the upcoming Parliament session, which begins on Jan. 31.

All MPs must report to the election commission not later than Thursday.

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