Tuesday, December 18, 2012

KIA raids police station, 3 killed

Tuesday, 18 December 2012 15:35 Phanida

Troops from the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) on Tuesday morning carried out a raid on Kamaing Police Station in Hpakant Township, during which one policeman and two female civilians were killed.

Kachin Independence Army soldiers in Laiza, the KIA headquarters. Photo: AFP

An officer from the KIA’s Battalion No.6 confirmed the casualties.

Speaking to Mizzima on condition of anonymity, the officer said, “We ordered our soldiers to conduct the raid in a manner that ensured civilians would not be harmed. However, it transpired that two civilians were inside the police station [at the time of the attack]. We don’t know whether the civilians were shot by them [the police] or shot by us.”

He said that the intention of the raid was to respond to an attack by some 400 soldiers from three battalions under Burma’s Northeastern and Northern Commands against a KIA Battalion 6 base from December 14 to 16.

“Yes, they were our men,” said the KIA officer when asked to confirm Tuesday morning’s attack. “We were retaliating against the December 14 to 16 offensive.

“At about 4:15 am, we ordered our troops to fire at the Kamaing police station. We wanted to show them that if they made unprovoked attacks, we would respond in the same way.”

He said the KIA soldiers seized about 20 firearms including flintlock rifles, M1s and M22s.

Residents said that there is a detention center in the Kamaing police station. However, it is unknown whether the KIA freed any detainees.

A resident living in Kamaing told Mizzima: “The KIA fired at the police station for about 20 minutes. Then they entered, seized things, and left.”

Earlier, the Inndawchaung Bridge, located near the Kamaing boundary, was slightly damaged by a bomb allegedly planted by the KIA. The bridge has been restored and is in use again, said the source in Kamaing.

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