Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chin rebels sign 27-point agreement with Burma govt

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 16:14 Mizzima News

Following three days of peace talks in Rangoon on December 7- 9, the Chin National Front (CNF) signed a 27-point agreement with the central government, and met with other Chin political party representatives for the first time.

CNF General-Secretary Pu Zin Cung Pu Zing Cung (right) shakes hands with Burmese government chief negotiator Aung Min at a meeting in the Myanmar Peace Center in Rangoon on Sunday, December 9, 2012. (PHOTO: Hein Htet / Mizzima)

According to Chin media, the main points of the agreement included:

  •     Chin National Day—February 20—will be recognized as a holiday in Chin State, while Chin State Day celebrations can be held on January 3.

  •     A Chin human rights committee will be formed.

  •     Chin citizens will be informed and consulted about any proposals for the extraction of natural resources in the state.

  •     Under a Military Affairs Agreement, the government must inform the CNF one month ahead of any Burmese army incursion or patrol into seven key locations in Chin State.

  •     Under a Development Agreement, communications and print media should be established, as well as community radio broadcasting. Water, electricity, education and health should be provided to all citizens living in the state. At least one airport will be constructed in Chin State to help promote tourism.

  •     Under a Social and Cultural Affairs Agreement, the Chin language will be introduced in primary schools and eventually extended to high schools. Licenses are to be granted for newspapers, journals, magazines, newsletters, radio, internet and television programs, as well as other public associations and organizations.

According to ethnic Chin news agency Khonumthung News: “During the meeting, CNF met with the Chin National Party (CNP) and Chin Progressive Party (CPP). Afterwards, they met with the National Democratic Party (NDP), All Mon Region Democracy Party (AMRDP) and Phalong-Sapaw.”

It was reportedly the first time many of the representatives had met and the first official get-together for the Chin parties.

CNF general-Secretary Pu Zin Cung reportedly said that these meetings were important in the process of building unity amongst Chins.
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