Friday, August 31, 2012

Australia gives direct aid to Rakhine State homeless

Friday, 31 August 2012 15:05 Mizzima News

Australia will give US $1 million to Burma in emergency aid to provide clothing, blankets and basic supplies to around 14,000 people left homeless by sectarian conflicts in Rakhine State.

Foreign Secretary Bob Carr said, “We're assisting with this emergency aid – helping with clothing, blankets and basics like mosquito nets, bedding and soap for 14,000 people now in temporary shelters after fleeing their homes.”

Australian Foreign Secretary Bob Carr Photo: Australian gov't

Australian aid will also support families with seeds and fertilizer to replace crops destroyed in the conflict.

The funds will be administered by CARE Australia and delivered to those in need regardless of faction or ethnic origin, he said.

Carr also welcomed a decision by Burma’s government to set up an independent commission to investigate the violence.

“I directly raised Myanmar's sectarian and ethnic tensions in talks with President Thein Sein in June, and have instructed our ambassador to Myanmar to again pursue this with the government,” Carr said.

Australia has also urged the international community to renew its efforts to assist the homeless in Rakhine State with basic food and health care.

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