Friday, July 20, 2012

One Chin villager dies in fight with Burmese security forces

 Friday, 20 July 2012 13:14 Mizzima News

A 41-year-old villager who tried to stop a fight between Burmese security personnel and villagers was mobbed and beaten to death, according to a report by Chin World Media (CWM).

The dead villager was identified as Thang Sian Mung, and the attack occurred in a village bordering Sagaing Division, according to local residents. He died at a hospital in Tedim on July 12, said an article on the CWM website.

Chin State in far western Burma, one of the poorest areas of the country. Photo: HRW

Reports said two army enlisted men in Light Infantry Battalion 269 and a police officer were in a confrontation with local villagers and when the victim attempted to break it up, he was struck from behind and then hit on the head with a stone.

The incident originated over a vehicle accident dispute between a villager and one of the soldiers, said CWM. Authorities are investigating, but there have been no arrests so far.

According to the Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO), arbitrary killings by Burmese security forces in Chin State almost never get prosecuted.

"Sadly, impunity still reigns in Chin State and elsewhere in Burma, especially for the Burmese Army despite the ongoing talks of reforms in Naypyitaw. This is why the withdrawal of the Burmese Army from ethnic States is essential in ending serious human," said a CHRO member.

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