Friday, July 20, 2012

Kachin IDPs need more aid: KPN

 Friday, 20 July 2012 12:27 Mizzima News

Internally displaced Kachin living in Kachin State and China are in need of increased aid in food, shelter, medicine and other material, say members of a Kachin fact-finding mission.

Members of the Rangoon-based Kachin Peace Network (KPN) say much more humanitarian aid must be made available in the region, according to a Kachin News Group (KNG) article on Thursday

Pa Kahtawng camp near KIO-controlled Mai Ja Yang on the Burma-China border. Photo: KPN

The KPN has just returned from a fact-finding mission to several camps in areas controlled by the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), accompanied by the Myanmar Times and several other groups from Rangoon.

The KPN donated US$ 8,790 to the IDPs camp committee, said KNG. It said 75,000 are displaced by the conflict, according to some estimates.

KPN leader Maran Jaw Gun told KNG that more organizations need to become involved.

“During this trip we could not provide much aid,” he was quoted as saying. “However we can raise attention about the IDPs’ situation. When we visited the camps, we saw people facing many hardships. The rainy season is making life even harder for the IDPs.”

The KPN visited Hpunglum Yang, Je Yang, Woi Chyai, N’Hkawng Pa, Pa Kahtawng, and Lah Ying IDPs camps from July 4 to 12.

Bamboo houses in the camps are overcrowded with as many as 12 people to a house, it said. Teachers are holding classes in sleeping areas or on a mat on the ground.  There is very little if any reading material for the students.

The KPN said it met with KIO Joint Secretary-2 Lah Nan, Vice Chief of Staff Brig. Gen Gun Maw, IDP Assistance Committee members, IDP Management Committee members and media groups during their visit to KIA-controlled territories.

The KPN was started by 20 Kachin youth on May 2 to raise awareness about the situation in Kachin state.

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