Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Private schools approved in Burma

Tuesday, 11 September 2012 14:35 Mizzima News

Twenty Burmese private schools have been approved since the Private School Law was passed late last year, local media reported on Sunday.

The 20 schools were among 67, which applied to open, The Flower News Journal reported, adding that most of the private schools are in Rangoon Region.

Six private schools were allowed a pilot run for one year.

The ministry has said that curriculum in private schools should follow state standards, but the schools will also allow other subjects to be taught as a way to eliminate extra private tuition.

A private teachers' union has been formed to seek knowledge and experience from foreign experts to help raise private teachers' qualifications to international standard, said the report.

Official statistics show that the number of state-operated basic education schools in the country has increased to 41,000 and a total of over 8.1 million students are pursuing education under the guidance of 270,000 teachers.

In the higher education sector, there are 161 universities and colleges.

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