Friday, September 28, 2012

Myanmar-US chamber of commerce formed

Friday, 28 September 2012 16:07 Mizzima News

A Myanmar-US Chamber of Commerce has been formed to promote the business interests of both countries. William Su was elected president of an 11-member board during its first meeting in New York City.

Board members include Su, chairman of the board, Dr. Kyaw Tun, Frank Ng, Vincent Wong, Kyaw Myaing, Dr. Jonathan Chang, Patrick Wang, Edward Wong, Tin Ohn, Htin Myaing and Simon Wong, according to press release issued on Friday.

Su, a native of Burma and the current chairman of the board of the Myanmar Chinese Association, said, “The principal mission of our chamber is to foster and promote trade and commerce between Myanmar and the United States. Our chamber will be at the forefront to facilitate, promote and transact business and commerce in and with Myanmar.”

Kyaw Myaing, who is in charge of external relations, said, “We need international standards and a solid foundation from which Myanmar will trade and conduct business with the world.”

Board member Vincent Wong said, “Many of our board members, including Patrick Wang, Kyaw Myaing, Htin Myaing and Tin Ohn will be in Myanmar in the coming months and we will collectively and continuously establish and solidify our relationships in promoting business and commerce with Myanmar and its business and commerce leaders.”

Officials said a website at will go online soon.

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