Friday, September 14, 2012

Burma working to remove beef import ban by China


Friday, 14 September 2012 13:54 Yadanar Oo

Rangoon (Mizzima) – For more than two months, China has stopped importing frozen beef from Burma.

China banned some beef imports from Burma after foot and mouth disease was detected in some regions in July.

Foot and mouth disease in sectors of Burma in July caused China to ban importing Burmese frozen beef products.  Photo: Ralph0072 / flickr

Burma is working to get China to lift the ban, said Win Sein, the vice chairman (1) of the Myanmar Livestock Federation (MLF).

“Presently, veterinary departments on both sides are negotiating in order for Burma to be allowed to export frozen beef to China by the end of this year. And we are discussing the issue with businesspeople here,” said Win Sein.

The disease does not affect large areas of Burma, and the MLF hopes that negotiations can be fruitful and that beef exports would be allowed.

A deputy minister of commerce told the MLF that the problem needs to be solved before the Sino-Burmese border trade fair to be held in Muse in Shan State in December.

In last year’s trade fair, Burma displayed two showrooms of beef skin-related products for export.

From April to June, Burma exported a total of 4,884 tons of frozen beef to China, or about 400 tons per week.

The amount of Burma’s latest export from June 27 to July 3 of frozen beef to China was 145 tons, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

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