Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boat capsizes in delta town, killing at least 15 students

Thursday, 07 October 2010 09:48 Salai Tun

New Delhi (Mizzima) - A motorboat carrying about 60 students and teachers capsized in the Irrawaddy Delta township of Labutta yesterday morning, killing at least 15 students.

The teachers and students from at least four villages including Saluseik village, Pyinsalukone and Padaukkone were travelling to Labutta to participate in the students’ football league.

“We heard that about 15 students died but we aren’t exactly sure of the toll. Some authorities are still on their way to the spot”, a Labutta navigation officer told Mizzima.

A resident said: “The motor boat capsized near Saluseik. As far as I know, 24 people are missing.”

A policeman from Labutta station confirmed the incident, but refused to provide any further details.

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