Thursday, June 28, 2012

Burmese gov't minister visits Mae Sot clinic

Thursday, 28 June 2012 13:27 Mizzima News

Burmese minister Aung Min visited the Mae Tao Clinic in the border town of Mae Sot, Thailand, on Wednesday, during a tour to meet with 14 border groups and to discuss peace and reconciliation.

Clinic director Dr. Cynthia Maung told the Karen News it was the first visit by a Burmese government official to the clinic, and she hoped it could lead to improvement of health services on the border. The clinic treats up to 140,000 people a year.

“There are many issues that we need to work on together for the long term benefit of the people,” she told the news agency. “Health, education, children right issues... But first, we need to see how the cease-fire and peace building process works. We cannot just look at the health care factor in isolation.”

Minister of Railroads Aung Min said he came to encourage ethnic refugees who live along the border to return and work in Burma. He is a major negotiator in the cease-fire process underway in Burma’s eastern ethnic border states.

Aung Min and his nine-member group also met with the Karen National Union and the All- Burma Student Democratic Front during the visit to Mae Sot.

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