Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Tuesday, 16 August 2011 21:28 Aye Lae
Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Heavy rain on Monday evening and night in Mandalay has caused ditches and streams to overflow flooding some Quarters of Mandalay, said residents.

Four locations of the Shwetachaung Ditch were broken near the Shanwai Religious Hall along 86th Road between 35th Street and 38th Street in western Mandalay, flooding nearby quarters, residents said, and water in low areas was about two-feet deep.

Residents of Myayinanda Ward in Mandalay react to flooding
in this file photo from October 2010. Photo: Mizzima
The Mandalay Municipality repaired the ditch last year, but some repairs remained unfinished, said a resident of Shanwai Quarter. The water made travel on some roads impossible.

Flooding also hit the Thirimingalar bus station on 90th Road disrupting bus travel, residents said.

The Panyandaw Stream in Mandalay Myothit also overflowed its bank, and the Aungpinle, Tuntone and Kantharyar Quarters on 55th Road and 56th Road were flooded.

“The rain came down starting about 2 p.m. yesterday and it continued the whole night,” said another resident.

Meanwhile, the Mandalay Municipality is repairing sections of the ditches and streams, trying to prevent more water from flowing into the quarters. The Electric Power Corporation (EPC) is also working on lines in the area, according to residents.

“They are actively trying to repair things. Their effort may be because of previous years’ experiences. Last year, they did not do repair work immediately,” a resident said.

In Mandalay, the Yayni Ditch, the Theingaza Stream, the Shwetachaung Ditch, and the Ngwetachaung and Pandawyan streams are causing problems in many townships.

Mandalay is surround by Maungmagan (in the east), Aungpinle Lake and Zaungkalaw Lake (in the southeast), the Irrawaddy River and Takthay Inn [in the west], the Madaya River (in the North), and Taungthaman Inn and Myitnge River (in the South).

Last year, Mandalay was also flooded because of heavy rain. Floods usually hit areas around Mandalay each year.

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