Friday, July 1, 2011

Fighting breaks out between Border Guard Forces; commander killed

Friday, 01 July 2011 22:21 Ko Wild

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Fighting between Border Guard Force (BGF) troops and battalions of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA), which are former BGF troops, broke out in Hlaingbwe and Phapun townships in Karen State, according to DKBA Colonel Kyaw Thet.

DKBA troops, which were former members of the BGF,
have clashed with government BGF troops in Karen
State. Photo: Mizzima
On Thursday night, a joint force of BGF Battalion 1011 led by Colonel Soe Naing and government troops from Brigade No. 44, 66 and 22 clashed with a DKBA battalion led by Commander Saw Bi near Takhawphoe village in Hlaingbwe in Karen State.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed news said that Colonel Soe Naing of the BGF has been killed in battle.

Meanwhile, fighting between government troops and DKBA troops also broke out near Kamamaung village in Phapun Township on Wednesday night with one civilian dead, said Colonel Kyaw Thet.

“At that time, both sides fired weapons so I don’t know which side’s fire killed the civilian,” he said.

On Friday, there were no reported clashes, but government troops and DKBA troops have taken up positions within one hour’s walk from each other on the west bank of the Salween River near the Thaton-Kamamaung-Phapun Road and Hpaan-Thakhawphoe Road.

The area is adjacent to an area controlled by Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) Brigade No. 7 in Hpaan District; controlled by KNLA Brigade No. 5 in Phapun District; and an area controlled by KNLA’s Brigade No. 1 in Thaton District, according to Hla Ngwe, the general-secretary No. 1 of the Karen National Union.

In the area of KNLA Brigade No. 5, government’s Brigade No. 101 and eleven battalions under the Southeast Command have taken up positions; in the area of KNLA Brigade No. 7, about 12 battalions from Military Operation Command No. 12 and Southeast Command have taken up positions, according to Colonel Saw Hla Ngwe.

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