Monday, March 14, 2011

For the second time, Moulmein students protest electricity cuts

Monday, 14 March 2011 18:45 Kyaw Kha

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – After students protested over electrical power cuts at night in Moulmein, the authorities have begun supplying electricity again at night during the ongoing graduation exams, according to local  residents.

Cars and lights powered by storefront generators brighten
up an otherwise dark night in downtown Rangoon.
Electrical power outages are common in the country. This
week university students in Moulmein have protested power
cuts at night during their graduation exams. (Photo: Brennan
O`Connor/Nomad Photos)

On March 8, university students in Moulmein threw stones at offices, breaking glass, in protest against daytime power cuts while they were taking exams. University students said they were also protesting on behalf of grade 10 graduating high school students.

A teacher said that electricity service had been supplied regularly at night, but then the authorities cut some nighttime service.

Before the protests, power cuts occurred both day and night, said a teacher.

‘After the students’ protested, the authorities supplied electricity each night’, the teacher told Mizzima.

An officer at the Moulmein Township police station said the power cuts during the exam period and at night occurred accidentally.

‘Now, we are supplying electricity regularly,’ a senior police officer told Mizzima. ‘The power cuts occurred accidentally. In fact, power cuts in Moulmein are usual.

Students in Burma have to take graduation exams in physics on Monday, biology on Tuesday and economics on Thursday.

Since Friday, because of the protests, police guards have been posted at electrical services offices and selected crossroads, according to students in Moulmein.

If the authorities continue to supply electricity at night,  students will not complain anymore, but if power cuts occur again, students are ready to protest, said a university student.

Graduation exams started on March 7 across Burma and will end on March 17.

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