Friday, August 17, 2012

Luxembourg added to Burma’s diplomatic ties

Friday, 17 August 2012 12:00 Mizzima News

Burma has added Luxembourg to its list of counries with which is has diplomatic ties. Earlier this year, it established diplomatic relationships with a Malawi and Bhutan, according to a state-run newspaper on Thursday.

The diplomatic tie with Luxembourg has brought the total number of countries with which Burma has official links to 107, since it regained independence in 1948.

Burma has embassies in 30 countries and two permanent missions in New York and Geneva. It has four consulates-general in China's Hong Kong, Kunming and Nanning, and India's Calcutta, respectively.

Meanwhile, 28 countries have embassies in Burma, according to the foreign office. In addition, China and India have respectively set up consulates-general in  Mandalay, the second largest city; Switzerland has a consulate-general in Rangoon, and Bangladesh in Sittway.

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